eScooter/Ebike - front light electrical issue


All of the lights on the ebike/escooter are presently working except for the front headlight (neither the high nor the low beams work). I was using my Multimeter to see if there was voltage going to the light - and yes it is. There are three wires coming off the molex connector into the light. Two of them go directly to the light while the last BLACK WIRE is connected (as a ground I assume). When I got the ebike, the bulb was burnt out so I tried another one. The new light did not work. I took some pictures of the voltage.

Here are the pictures :
0) The LEFT / RIGHT signal lights work for front and back.

1) The light wire has three wires (red, blue and black). Originally, the BLACK wire was connected to a screws on the outside of the light fixtures (I am assuming a ground?).

2) In the last two pictures, I have the alligator clips on the multi-meter. This shows when the voltage is coming through 50V - when I switch to LOW BEAMS, the voltage drops to Zero,

3) I have tested the light bulb (using continuity testing) and it works. It is the exact same bulb that came with the ebike.

4) I have done continuity testing on the wire leading to the light and it is fine.

5) When the bulb is connected, the light does not go on at all - I have tried jiggling around the wires and nothing.

any other suggestions?


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I should mention the bulb is 55v 25/25w.
I am thinking that I might have to step down the voltage from 48V to 12V to be able to use an LED (or a host of other lights as 55W bulbs seems to be more challenging to come by). Does anyone have a recommendation for STEPPING down just the wire leading to the front headlight?
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