"Error 4" on CrossCurrent S display


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I have a week old CrossCurrent S, with about 30 miles on it. Yesterday I went into the Setting screen and checked the value of Torque and Low Volts, and after exiting, I saw "Error 4" displayed on the screen. I don't know if it was coincidence that it happened because I was in the Settings page.

If I squeezed either brake lever, the Error 4 went away and the main screen came back. When I let go of the brake lever, the Error 4 screen comes back.

I tried powering the bike off then on, and also removed the battery and put it back in, but in all cases about 2 seconds after the bike is turned on I get the creen.

Thankfully, the motor still works, and I can switch boost levels (as long as the brake lever is depressed when I press the +/- buttons.

I've already submitted a Support ticket yesterday at JuicedBikes.com's support site. But I don't expe t a response until after the MLK holiday weekend.

Has anyone run into an error like this or can suggest a possible cause or way to clear it?
Error 4 is the fault when the throttle is held down BEFORE the bike is turned on. This is in place to protect the bike from running away on startup if the throttle is for whatever reason held down. Check to see if the display has been rotated in a way that it has is bumped against the throttle lever, 9 out of 10 times this is the problem. If the throttle is clear and you still get the error 4, disconnect the throttle and see if the error goes away. If you still get the error, the 1-4 cable or throttle may have been stretched or somehow damaged/compromised/defective.

Support will getting touch with you.

In any case you can review the LCD display information page and manual which has more detailed information and the list of error code explanations.
Hi Tora - Looks like it was a stuck thumb throttle causing the problen. I’m out on a ride now and stopped to check and the left brake lever mount is a bit close tonhe throttle and prevented the thumb throttle from naturally going back to the no throttle position. If I pull up on the throttle slightly it goes back to its zero state and the error screen goes away. Will need to adjust the brake lever when I get home.

Thanks for the quick reply and solution!

The bike had been great so far.