LCD Display is Dark


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I have an XC100 south in 2020 with just short of 3K miles. Recently I had a fault code of E25. I had it once before and found a faulty brake lever. Now, after I received the E25 error code, my screen went dark and will not come back on. I disconnected each brake cable separately, nothing. I repeated this more than once. I remove the battery (full charge) and reinstalled, still nothing. Disconnected the display cable hoping that might work, nothing. So here is where I am at. I tilted the bike on the kick stand elevating the rear wheel. I pressed the start button and accelerator lever at the same time and the rear wheel powers up but still no light on the LCD display, The only way I get power to the rear wheel is to press both buttons at the same time with the rear wheel elevated. Maybe I should try to ride it that way for a short distance and maybe shake things up. Anybody have any thoughts. I would be most appreciative.
Strange. You should be able to boot up the display when both brake sensors are disconnected. I’m curious, what would happen when you start the display, then hold the up and down buttons to get to the advanced settings?

If you don’t have it, here is the manual for your display.
I just read your condition again. If this was a brake related issue, then your motor wouldn’t engage. It sounds like you are able to use the “walk” function. Normally, “walk” won’t engage when the brakes are active.

This will be proven when you disconnect both brakes from the controller. You may still have the issue of your display not coming on.