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I used to live in Las Vegas and it is two hours away. I noticed this company, Energie, and they actually have a pretty good lineup of bikes:


I didn't see a listing on the forums here for the brand. There's a link to a news item.

This bike dealer offers ebike tours on these bikes, which definitely seems like a great way to get people involved with ebikes. And maybe sell a few.

This is a fascinating company, in light of some discussions about dealers, Chinese bikes, etc. The company openly admits it is owned by the Chinese, by B & K, which makes lithium batteries. And the bikes come with pretty large battery packs. It seems to be all world standard bike parts with a Chinese drive. The Bafang mid drive may be offered. Not much more money.

Interesting... I remember seeing these guys at Interbike 2012 and shooting this video. Thanks for calling them out George, I'm glad to hear they're still around and doing well. Transparency is a good business (and relationship) practice and it was nice to hear them own and take pride in their identity. It seems like most or nearly all electric bike hardware systems like motors, controllers and batteries are produced somewhere in Asia. Many bikes are assembled or fine tuned here and supported by dealers. So it seems like they are doing the same thing but keeping the prices lower.

Did you ever ride one of these bikes? What did you think? I'm not sure I saw them at 2013 Interbike so they had kind of drifted out of my mind until now :)

Thanks for the reply.

The bike shows up in this video. The tours seem to be very successful, since they are just about booked up for the current stuff. I wouldn't call the tourists 'athletic'. That's some pretty steep terrain, and truly worthy of protection.

I've been through Vegas a few times recently, but didn't know anything about these guys. The folder they sell has a shaft drive. That and the Bafang mid-drive are pretty 'out there'.

Four hour tour would be a pretty good road test for a hundred or so.

That looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to keep it in mind for my next Vegas adventure... Ebike tours seem to be one way of making money in the space. Pedego owns the site http://electricbiketours.com/ and works with all of their shops to do tours in addition to sales and repairs.

I've never tried a shaft drive ebike but they seem like a neat idea, lets the motor remain centered and low which I like. As always, I'll keep doing reviews and probably stumble across one at some point ;)
Yeah mon, these bikes show up in CL ads here in San Diego, looks like a nice platform for an e-bike, not unlike a Klein MTB I enjoyed for years. Second battery, USB ports, built in lights et all - and some range! I'd like to demo one, or watch Court do his thang. And hey that ride looks nice, I always picture the grime & crime of Lost Wages, maybe I'll scout it. Tnx for the links. -S
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Not sure what has happened to these guys in the last six months. The bikes they sell are very similar to what everyone is offering, at a similar price. One of the dealers they list, in Seattle, does not show the bikes anymore. Same for the dealer in Chico. I thought they had an arrangement with Bafang for a mid-drive version, but I couldn't find a listing for that. I'm sure you can find something that works. Figure out who will be around a while.