This looks like a very interesting bike, especially since there are dealers that can support this. It seems like a lot of bike for the money but the proprietary mid Drive motor is a little bit worrisome. There is a two-year warranty, which makes us seem like a very good possibility, but hopefully people will weigh in that have had Service from the dealers locally and can shed some light.
It's got good specs. They should've gone with a rear suspension though.
You tube reviews from serious MTB sites have been very positive on this bike. They seem to be very impressed with the motor, the front fork, the drivetrain, the brakes and the overall geometry of the bike. I have seen people ride the living shoot out of this bike, huge jumps, gnarley rocks, it seems to actually be very impressive for the price, and very capable. And for the person who said it needs a throttle, mountain bikes don't have throttles, son.
The motor reliability will be key. I have noticed the dealer network they advertise isn’t near as big as I thought. The first two dealers that I called had never heard of it.