Ebike business


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I would be very happy if you could help me gather some information about ebikes. Not a long ago (2 weeks) I came to this business idea that I could rent ebikes in my country. At the moment we don’t have any provider doing this on big scale. All agencies have maybe 2-3 ebikes.

So first problem I have is which ebikes I should buy. I don’t know nothing about ebikes, at the moment I’m gathering all information that I can get. So much information, so much bikes… my head will explode soon :)

Of course my budget is limited, I will take loan for about 50 ebikes.

I’m looking into two types of ebikes city ebike and mountain ebike.

City ebike, it would be great that battery would last 50km almost just flat few hills and bike should be robust. It should last for few years and caring crazy drivers :)

Mountin ebike, 50-80km with quite a lot of hills (ascent 800m).

Is better to buy build in ebike or ebike set and DIY.

I’m from Europe so no trotter and max speed 25km/h.

Thanks for your help ;)
What country are you in ?
Without any knowledge of the industry , your best approach would be to partner with an e-bike mfg.