Easy Motion Nitro City - needed Charger, Display and Keys


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I've bought this eBike from an unretrived bike police-auction and it doesn't comes with a charger, the display and the keys for it. If anybody can help me find one used or brand new it will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Hope you didn't pay too much for it. The bad news is BH left the North American market in 2020.

You could try reaching out to Crazy Lenny's in Madison, WI though. They were BH's #1 retailer annually (by a very large margin I believe) while they were selling bikes in the US/Canada. The only alternative would be trying to find another retailer that maintained parts inventory, but Lenny's will be your best bet by a long shot on that one.
It didn't reach that high of an auction bid, I still feel got lucky winning for it,. bike's still looks clean and no damage only missing those components but all and all a nice looking bike.
Thank you so much for the response I already contacted them and just waiting for reply! hoping for positive response, 'really frusrated finding it here in Canada! Ride safe always
If Lenny's can't help you, check with Denis at Voltaire Cycles in NJ. Until his fairly recent website overhaul, he listed hundreds of EasyMotion ebike parts. Maybe he still has some.