Daymak 84v


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I got a Daymak 84v from our local garbage dump. It came with a key (now lost), the bike itself (duh), and a 90v charger. I have no idea what actual model it truly is. The only decals on it say daymak and 84v on it. Doing a Google search I've come up with it possibly being either a Chameleon or a Vienna. Searching for a replacement battery for a Chameleon results in 60v 20ah sets. The bike had no batteries in it or battery boxes either. So I have no idea as to what it actually takes. I have no way of knowing if the bike was thrown away with the charger or if someone at the dump just paired it with a 90v charger after seeing the 84v on the side. The 60v replacement batteries for a Chameleon come up in many of the results for that model. Though most are from Amazon which isn't known for sellers being accurate in what they sell. I did find one result from a non eBay or Amazon website that says the Chameleon takes a 60v pack. However I have now also found listings for 84v being actually 84v one 60v pack and a 24v pack that are for both the Chameleon and Vienna. Going off images mine has the same handlebar grips as a Chameleon. The plastics are somewhat similar but as I have no idea if the year I cannot rely on the plastics matching exactly. I have been reluctant to buy new batteries only to find out it is broken. Or that I bought 84v amount and it should have been 60v or vice versa. I have no escooter store on the island that I live on that i can get to give me a test pack. They probably would but as they charge an extra few hundred for the batteries than online I would like to somehow check to see if the controller and motor are good before buying batteries. Does anyone know how to do this and also to find out what bike it is I actually have? The charger looks to be an aftermarket charger not branded at all.
If you could come up with 5 car batteries and hook them up in series you could test the bike with 60 volts to see if it works, and if it will run off 60 volts.
Adding 2 more batteries will bring the voltage up to 84, but the bike may run on both 60 and 84 volts?

I think that there is a pretty good chance that the e-bike is broken.
I can't see someone throwing out a working ebike if it just needed new batteries?

You could also try to power up the bike with the charger.
It should put out a couple of amps which should be enough to power it up and maybe get the wheel spinning a bit?
I will try the car battery thing when I can source 5-7 of them for the test. And regarding the unlikely possibility of someone throwing out an eBike due to dead batteries. Anywhere else I've lived I'd have to agree with you on that, however I live on Salt Spring Island and there are a lot of rich people that live here more than poor people like myself. I got a job with a guy doing junk removal here and I am stupified at the stuff that people throw away. I got a working uncracked galaxy note 5 from the electronics bin last week. I've gotten a kona cinder cone with hydraulic brakes and was cleaner than any bike I've owned, looked unused. I got a samsung bluetooth soundbar that still had the plastic film on it and the remote. A core i7 desktop with dual 4gb video cards 1gb ram and 1tb hdd. A cintiq 21" proffessional grade touchscreen drawing monitor. The hp laptop I'm using right now. The charger I found at the dump the day after. A huge list of tools. And more. I would usually agree with you but it's nuts what people throw away here. I also got a gas scooter that only needed a carb cleaning and new gas. We pay by donation or I scan through the bins for stuff while I'm there. I also got a Seiko kinetic watch that just needs it's rechargeable battery replaced it works if I shake it but the battery doesn't hold a charge. Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if it did work more so if it didn't to be honest.