Earn $150 for 60 Minutes Sharing your Opinions on E-Bikes

Curiosity Research

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Please join Curiosity Research in an online group discussion on commuting and usage of micro mobility devices (including e-bikes and e-scooters). If you qualify, you will receive $150 for 60 minutes of your time for participating in an online group discussion in the upcoming weeks. We are not selling anything and have been vetted by the discussion board owners/admin. See if you qualify by taking this brief survey.

We do have very limited seats, so we will honor registrations on a first come, first served basis. We do not retain or sell your information as we are strictly a research firm.
Learn about others’ experiences with Curiosity Research here> https://curiositycx.com/join-our-panel/

Please note: Out of respect for this community, I requested and received permission to post this invitation from Randy Rye.
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Liar you tried this over on bikeforums.net. so what scam are you after???
I received permission to post on that forum from Joel Morris. If you refer back to that thread, you will find that he has posted to confirm he granted me permission.
I'm in a waiting period on that forum, as I am not able to post again until later this evening.
Apparently this is standard for new accounts on that forum. When I am able to post again, I will share the survey link in that forum as well.

This research study is legitimate. I have taken the appropriate steps to be vetted by the owners or administrators of these sites, out of respect for the communities.
While I understand your reluctance or skepticism, I will ask that you please respect the decisions of the site owners/administrators in granting me permission to conduct this research.

We are not asking for any personal details beyond an email address, and that is only requested so we can provide the payment (Amazon digital gift card) for participation.