E-mountain bikers - We need your support with new groundbreaking research

Dr. G.

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Dear E-MTBs,

E-bike Lovers (www.ebikelovers.com) is supporting a research project by Dr. Tim Jones of Oxford Brookes University (UK) into the growing participation in electric mountain biking (EMTB). I have already participated in the interview and it was a lot of fun. To qualify, you need to have mountain biked with an e-bike. You do not need to be a professional biker. All experience levels, from total beginner to expert, are welcome. I am a total EMTB beginner and still could share a lot of useful information with the researcher. I am sure, you can too.

If you are interested in taking part in a 45-minute interview (online or by telephone) please contact [email protected] or contact the researcher directly with a reference to Ebike Lovers:
Dr. Tim Jones (Researcher)
School of the Built Environment
Oxford Brookes University
01865 483436
[email protected]

You are being invited to take part in a research study being conducted by Dr. Tim Jones of Oxford Brookes University.
Before you decide whether to participate in these interviews, it is important for you to know why the research is being carried out and what it will involve.

What is the purpose of the study and why have I been asked to participate?

The off-road, E-Mountain Bike (‘eMTB’) market is growing. This is arguably providing an opportunity for people, particularly older people, who would otherwise have difficulty cycling in this type of environment, to access the outdoors to improve their health and wellbeing. However, critics point out that eMTBs should not be sharing the same trails as human-powered mountain bikes because of their incompatibility in terms of speed and experience of users leading to potential conflict.

We are interested in understanding your motives for and experiences of becoming an electric mountain biker and what this might mean for culture and sport in general as well as other domains such as transport and health.