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I would stay far away from Eahora. I bought the X7 plus (on Amazon). Minor build required, which was great. Then the problems. Couldn’t get it to turn on. Tried a bunch of different things (pushing remote buttons, etc.). Contacted Eahora, they were responsive, and followed all of their directions. Still wouldn’t power on. Ended up calling a couple of retailers listed on their site (assumed I did something stupid). We checked wires and tried to power on a couple of different ways. Still didn’t work. Contacted Eahora again to let them know that nothing worked and their recommendation was to remove the anti-theft module. That requires me to pull apart the battery and re-wire the bike. Not doing that. It has warranty void written all over it. Finally decided to ask for a refund (bought it on Amazon and had 30 days). The response from Eahora to the return request was that it wasn’t allowed as the purchase included hazardous material (interesting that you can ship it, but taking it back is too dangerous).

I am now working with Amazon to get a replacement or a refund. Called my credit card company to dispute the charges. Asking the user to re-wire a bike to get it to work is not a solution. You buy anything else, charge it and it works. I expect the same of an e-bike. I haven’t received a refund, but wanted to share my experience with anyone considering buying an Eahora. BUY SOMETHING ELSE!
Hi, did you ever got it to start ? I’m having the same problem, I’ve follow the instructions to turn on the bike and nothing works. If not, where you able to get a refund? How did you ship it back to them ?
Hi, sorry for what happened. Any operation required by eahora will not lose its warranty. If the product proves to be defective, we will replace it for you or give you a full refund.
As mentioned elsewhere, while we've been trying to fix our Eahora X7 plus for ten months, at the 1 year mark we received an email saying that our (non-working) X7 plus was out of warranty. Tough luck. Eahora has since blocked my email address.

Here's the red flags--there's no U.S. address, emails are answered a day later--because the response is from someone in China, and any phone calls seems to go straight to a recording.

Next, the space in the frame holding the controller is very, very small. It requires the wires to be smashed together, and it requires using a smaller controller than normal. That causes overheating to a point where the wires actually melt. We fixed this twice, for almost $300, by a local e-bike shop. But our bike is still dead.

This Christmas I bought my younger son a RadRunner Plus. The local shop that tried to service the Eahora recommended them, they rent them out even though they don't sell them, and Radpower bikes are a U.S. company with actual live people and their own warehouse in Washington. They also are consistently rated as a top consumer bike. Live and learn...