E3 Path+ Battery Mount / Cage


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Been a while since I've posted, happy to say that after around 350 miles my motor is still holding up, some minor clicking noise that had developed previously was the result of loose spokes, easily tightened.

One issue I have been having is the battery rattling loose after riding on or off of a crosswalk. Where I live the crosswalks aren't perfectly flush between the sidewalk & pavement, there is often a .5"-1" lip that, due to the weight, gives the rear of the bike quite a jolt.

That jolt has on several occasions caused the battery to disengage and slide out a few inches. I'm torn if I should contact Currie or head to the hardware store and rig up some sort of additional retention strap to keep the battery in place.

Anyone else have issues with the battery staying engaged on less than ideal road conditions?
I would contact Currie. Normally, there would have been a response by now from somebody there or from the community here.
My battery is the same (not location) and about all I can tell you is what you already know:
You aren't the only one concerned as to what happens when LiIon cells are damaged...and you don't have to look too far for the (extremely dangerous) results.