In Depth 2015 Turbo X Review

Thanks @JayVee. The Levo Comp Fat is certainly drool worthy, but certainly not setup for commuters. Just looking at the cost of swapping out for two 26x4.6" studded tires at well over $200 a piece makes me cringe. As far as carrying stuff, I'd probably have to add a beam rack or one of those Thule pack and pedal racks (if it even fits). A lot of the cheaper fat bikes out there certainly seem to do better in this department, but I'm really not interested in a geared rear-hub motor and certainly not cadence sensing. If I do a fat tire bike, I'd also really like to get one that can handle 4.6" tires—most seem to be 26x4.

I agree, the eventual obsolescence of the Turbo line is a bit disappointing. Stromer seems to be the only premium manufacturer that is still seeing DD as a long term drivetrain solution. They are such great motors for areas like mine that are not very hilly.

R&M looks like a great company and I'm excited they've come to the US now. Considering the cost of the Turbo S, the number of options you can configure a R&M with for about the same price is a dream. Nobody else seems to come close to their variety of options.

Been joining group rides in the Twin Cities, MN, joining the 30DaysofBiking Joyful Riders Club (A pledge to ride every day in April). Everybody loves the Turbo and thinks eBikes are cool. If you're on Twitter, you can follow my adventures @eBikeSTP
Now that group certainly looks joyful!

I grew up in Austin and attended college at the U. Been a long time since I'm been back, but I remember the area fondly.

2000 mile update:

Spring is here and entering the new riding season with 2,000 miles on the OD.

I have to say, this bike has not lost its luster, in my eye. The motor and battery range continue to impress me and since having the brakes swapped under warranty, I've had not mechanical issues whatsoever. The only other slight degradation I've notice is some rust developing on parts of the chain. Can't say I'm surprised after riding it continuously through the cold Minnesota winters.

I did a fairly exhaustive bit of self-maintenance to prep for longer the longer spring rides. Tightened spokes and trued both wheels—the front was nearly perfect, but the motor-ladened rear was pretty wonky. I think I'll start doing this on the rear at least every 1,000 miles, if not more. Soaked the rotors in Simple Green degreaser to dissolve any grease buildup and replaced the pads.

Derailleur still shifts bang on. No loose screws after applying blue Locktite to them last fall. Schwalbe Energizer Plus tire show little to no wear, tho I only have about 500 miles on them. Still debating whether or not I'll take the fenders off. Sure makes it more difficult to remove the rear wheel with them on. A custom piece of wood I made for the top of my rack is sufficient to keep the rear spray off my back going through puddles. All of my shoes are waterproof, so I don't care if they get sprayed.

The new BodyFloat is great. More than sufficient for my needs without the added weight and bob of a full suspension ride. The seat post and Ergon grips are probably the best upgrades I made from stock. I've been quite underwhelmed with the Shimano Saint pedals I put on last winter—especially for the price. Lots of rust on the pins.


Still planning on getting a 2nd bike this year. I'm about 90% sure I'll be getting a fat bike now.

If I get a fat, I'l probably going to go with the Specialized version. I've found myself interested in the Haibike FullFat Six, but I like the Specialized's ability to take wider tires and I still have the bonus of a Specialized dealer that takes good care of me a few blocks from home—priceless.

There are some really nice off road trails near my house and after trying to ride them with my Schawlbe Energizer Plus road tires, I could use something a bit more grippy.

Unfortunately, nobody near me (or maybe anywhere, it seems) carries these bikes in stock. So, probably not going to get a test ride. My dealer has several Levos I can ride. So at least I'll know if I like the Brose motor. I figure I can use a Specialized FatBoy and the Levo to figure out what size I want to get.