E-Glide ST battery charger

Mike N.

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Hi, I purchased my first E-bike. The E-Glide ST. I'm very happy with it. It is a whole new experience of bike riding. Everything worked great right out of the box. There was some noise from the front brake pads but I think the pads just need to set.
One concern I have is my charger gets aweful hot to the touch when charging the battery. I have only charged the battery twice. I was just wondering if that was normal or I left it on too long.
Also does anyone know which Dapu motor is in the ST? It does not say in the specifications. I'm going to see if I can make out the lettering I can see behind the rear rotor.
I'm very happy with my choice.
Court did a nice review of the ST recently and mentions that it's powered by a 500 watt geared brushless Dapu Motor. The EGlide site mentions that this motor has a peak output of 900 watts and top speed of 22 mph.

Chargers do tend to get warm but it shouldn't be painfully hot. I don't know if your bike's charger has any kind of internal fan; check if it does. Also, although the manufacturer's docs that come with the bike say that the battery is fully charged before sending to you, we found that the one our shop assembled for a customer wasn't. That battery did seem to charge for quite a long time before showing a green LED. You don't want to leave any charger on 24/7. I'd suggest that while the bike is new, give the company a call at 310-396-1453 and discuss this with them.
Thanks for getting back to me. I'm just charging the battery in the house now when I'm able to monitor it. If it feels hot I shut it down and let it cool. I know my old laptop charger use to give off a lot of heat too. I'll call them if it becomes an issue.
Hi Mike
I put mine on charge today for the first time after 30 miles riding. I still had one bar remaining. The manual says charge until the red LED light turns green but the battery is already showing 4 green lights after three hours of charging. I don't know whether to assume the charge is now full or leave it charging until the charging LED light turns green. Have you had any experience with this? Love the ride today. Effortless.
Roland, I usually wait till the light on the charger is green. The charger seems to get hot while it is working which worried me a little at first. When I start the bike in the morning the BMS reads 54.4 when fully charged. The manual states once charged to disconnect from the charger. If left on the charger the way the battery protection is set up it can shorten the long term life of the battery. I keep my battery in the house also to keep it cooler here in Vegas. 30 miles and I'm sure you where cruising at 15 mph at least. Your probably saying the same thing I was. How come I didn't do this a long time ago!
Mike. Thanks for the info. My charger never turned green so I monitored it throughout the evening. Yes it does get hot but not too hot to hold. I stopped the charging at BMS 53.4 while the light was still red then plugged it in again this morning to see if I could get the BMS to read 54.4 and the light to go green, however, within a minute the red light went out. No green. Hopefully it's not faulty. I need to ride to run the battery down in order to test it. Of my initial shake down cruise of 30 miles, 12 miles were at normal peddling speed around 10-12 miles an hour (with a friend on a mountain bike) then the other 18 miles were at an average of 16-18mph with the last mile 100% power. I still has a bar left. So after that little road test I'm delighted and thrilled with the bike. Agree....why did I wait so long. (I'm 75).