E-bikes for new townhouse/personal - advice

Probably... :) I was looking at comparable price points with the others and clicking back and forth, but the Elegant is more of what I'd probably want. As Dewey pointed out, Voltbike is in Vancouver, just a short ferry ride away from me. I like that.

Electric Bike Company model C or model S. They have front baskets (that can hold ~ 65 lbs) rear rack/basket that can hold ~110 lbs, They are built with quality components to withstand beach corrosion, they look cool - They now have a front attachment you can purchase to haul young children (like bikes in the Netherlands) - single gear chain (so the chain doesn't fall off as often as bikes with multiple gears) - Bikes are shipped almost fully assembled.

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@Timpo I may still connect with them as they're close by... but appreciate the info on the cheaper parts, especially the brakes.

@Tuna Are you trying to make this more difficult for me? Too many options (although they do look really great)!!! :)
Hi folks,

Thanks again for the help with this. I did some more research and used your advice and ended up going with the "Spark" from Sparkbikes.ca (Thanks for finding the site, @Timpo!), with the upgraded 17AH battery and the disc brakes: https://sparkbikes.ca/products/spark?variant=27875688775774.

The value seemed pretty incredible for the parts compared to many of the other bikes I looked at. It came a couple of days ago and it seems to be a fairly well built bike with a good look, a pretty easy-to-understand display and great power, and it's a crap load of fun to ride. The throttle is a huge plus at this price point, to get instant power off the line, especially if I don't want to downshift as I'm coming to a stop. Really seems great for city riding.

Only issue I've had so far is the rack was bent a little in shipping, but it should be fairly easy to bend back once I remove it (three bolts). It's not too much of an issue anyway, as it doesn't effect performance.

I'm going to ride it for a few months, into the wetter and colder weather and see how it performs. If it checks out, I'll purchase another Spark and a Spark City (which will be better for shorter people) for my upcoming project.

Thanks, again, and let me know if you have any questions about the bike.

What about the bikes made for bikeshare companies or, even have one of the bikeshare companies have some available at the townhouse where residents can use them from a specific app that could also be subsidized for a period of time? Might reduce the initial investment and would be a more proven technology for use by multiple riders?