Dodgy Torque sensor?


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Gen 3 CX when riding in Sport or Turbo is the most obvious times this happens hard to describe i will try. The motor did not do this all the time it began late last year my son has the bike atm 6000klm on the motor.
If i cruise at a steady state very minor pedal presssure to keep my speed the motor will cut in/out very rapidly. With constant pedal pressure no issues it happens if im coasting and want to keep my speed and a light pedal touch it’s like the motor is having hiccups with the constant cut in/out of power.
Makes it impossible to keep a steady cadence no matter the terrain I am on.
It ruins what is essentially still a bike in great condition for every other part.
I have tried several times changing my riding style, bike is almost 3 yrs old.
The local and only dealer sux which is where i bought it from, reason being every time this bike or my R&M went in for a service it came back to me with some minor issue it never had when it went in. Devil is in the detail here eg. my seat height is wrong, handlebar position changed to suit mechanic who test rides it i could go on with many more examples.
Hi. Whats the error code. I see you have seen my post re my issue in NZ. As stated same milage roughly. Sounds like the same issue. Bike fitted to was high end Moustache.
It mist just be too light of peddling and you're just making inconsistent demands on the motor. if it only does it in higher assist levels that maybe it. how fast are you peddling?
No error codes. Cadence rate makes no difference if i stop pedalling for a moment (long enough for the system to detect it) when i go to pedal again it gets confused before i get a chance to decide how much pressure to put on the pedals. The only way it doesn’t do it is if i push down hard instantly and keep 100% pedal effort and that’s no way to ride especially when disability limits what i can put in.
I get a little glitchy when I stop and start with not enough torque. if you have a nyon or kiox you can see bosky does not even show cadence if you're not putting out more torque. like if you spin going down hill. I would play with assist levels and gearing see if you can find a sweeter spot.