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I had to pay 20% more than my regular supplier for an order with service that got stuck in Customs because they did not pay the customs or a shipping fee to DHL. I will retrieve my PayPal funds this week. That is if they do not deliver immediately. My job is to order, theirs to deliver! Their shipper stinks. Full of push back and verbose B.S. I have placed and received six motors in the time I placed this one trial order from their competitor. All smooth. Who knows if these are also second tier knock offs. For the time being do not order from them.
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Did you have a problem with E-BikeKit. Shady businesses will often change names. I do not know of an affiliation.
If there is no known connection, I was just wondering why the message was in this forum?
Sorry, I thought this forum was not for a specific "brand" but generally for kits used for building electric bikes.