Do any of you use a service-stand when cleaning/ servicing your Stromer-bikes ?


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What`s the dimmentions on the Stromer frame-tubes ?

Any service-stands which can clamp on to this bike ?
What`s the dimmentions on the Stromer frame-tubes ?

Any service-stands which can clamp on to this bike ?

Thank you for Your reply, David :)

I have read about the Park pcs-9 & 10 earlier. I just was not sure of the dimentions of the tubing on the ST2 (IF I buy this bike). In fact; I just now ordered the same stand.

Do you fasten the stand to the frame-tube or seat-pin ?
I fasten to the frame tube with some extra foam padding on clamps . Also get the part that holds the handle bars in place while in stand. And get the tray to hold tools that goes on the stand. One thing I do for safety is attach a rope behind stand to something solid , as it will topple forward easily with so much weight while working on bike. Really a great stand.St2 was my 1st ebike, and really been pleased .
Is it true Norway is going all electric cars in a few years? I read this recently.
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I use the PCS -10 and it is a superb bicycle repair rack. There is nothing quite like a good rack when working on your bike. I have been able to rotate my ST-1 to a number of different positions on the rack and the clamps hold the bike quite well and are easy to change in terms of position. I too have the handle bar holder and tool tray. I very much like David1's idea of securing the stand from toppling because of the weight of the bike. Park indicates that it will handle up to 80 lbs. and I haven't had it tumble yet, but rather safe than sorry is a worthy goal.
Thanks for your feedbacks, David and Smitty :)
Look forward to receive my pcs-10.

David: Regarding ban of fossil cars:

I believe Norway got among the best incentives for EV- veichles. There are no VAT or other taxes on import of electric cars, motorbikes and mopeds. I believe Norway got among the best incentives for buying EV`s in the world. EV`s are also subject to less registration-costs/ road-tax. Less road/ ferry-toll +++

The taxation is set in relation to pollution. So a trend in the car-park; are hybrid cars; like the Toyota Prius. Even more plug-in-hybrids; which is a fossil-car with electric motors & and a small battery; which makes tha car run on pure electricity for some distance, or supplement the fossil-engine.

Outside the US, I believe Norway got the highest numbers of Tesla-cars in the world ;-) These cars does not cost more than a loaded Volvo really ;-)

Fossil-cars are heavily taxated in Norway. In general; most cars will have twice the price in Norway, compared to Germany or the US. Some models more than twice the price.

What you refered to David; going all electric within a few years; is a debated issue these days. The labour-party (political party) aims to phase out gasoline cars almost completly within 2030. Nothing is decided. There must be good alternatives first. Hydrogen cars are recently released for sale; and these will become better and better. Electric cars are also evolving by the minute. I guess hybrid -solutions also is part of the emediate future; but only that. Hybrids are no good as gas cars or pure ev`s. Its just a temporarily step in the evolution.
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Another Park Tool PCS-10 repair stand owner here. I've used mine for three years and it works on all my bikes - including my Stromer ST1 Platinum E-Bike. On my Stromer, I open the clamping jaw almost all the way and clamp my top tube as close to the seat as possible for a better weight distribution. I also have the tool tray and the handlebar tool, and my stand has been a great help in servicing my bikes.
Thanks for bbc link. Pretty rugged environment for e - cars. Amazing times for the auto industry.
Yes, I'm hoping the government doesn't change the incentives as I'm planning to get an e-car when I replace my current Golf in a few years. Maybe a Tesla 3 if it lives up to the hype.
Thank you for your imput and comments, David and Adrian :)
Interesting for me to read the perspectives of people abroad :)
I use a parktool prs 25 , little bit more expensive, light aluminium, easy to work with and solid like a rock. It can carry 45 kg . Cost 295€ in europe
If you have the room think about a electric hoist it costed only €80 with some rope and selfmade 3d printed hooks
I use my PCS -4-1 most of the time. It does not fold down as compactly as the other portable stands, but it can really handle the weight of e-bikes.
Got me a Park tool repair-stand some weeks ago. I now have personal experienes to share:

If you have good intentions of keeping your bike well lubed, clean; or doing repairs;but are hesitant doing this because of tediouse nature of this; a repairstand will help out.

A repairstand helps you get your bike in a ergonomical correct height (you can stand raised; working the top half of the bike and perhaps sit on a stool for the bottom-part of the bike). This in its own right was a motivating factor for me.
Secondly; having the wheels float in the air thus being able to turn is a big advantage; as cleaning and lubricating the wheels, chain & sprockets is made much easier.

Knowing this from the start; I would have bought one two decades ago ! One of the most sensible bike-accessories I have ever brought home. This was my 5 cent in the matter ;-)

If you plan to purchase a repairstand; make sure it is sufficient to your needs; in terms of weight-limitations/ that it will carry your heavy-weighter, how wide tubes the stand will grab around and what kind of stability of the stand you demand.
In general; go for a quality stand. Your bike is probably worth it ;-)

I added some padding where the stand grabs hold on the bike, for peace of mind ;-) The stand holds securily on to the bike. The stand I choosed; tolerate my Stromer; including battery. But by removing this; several kiloˋs are shaved of the bike;making cheaper stands adequate.
The stand is also very compact when folded together. I keep it on a shelf in my garage.

Made some pictures for you:
Park stands sure do help . I'm the same way , I could have sued one along time ago. They're the Snap-on tools of the bike world. Next thing I need is one of their tool kits . Congrats on your Park stand , and St2s.
Park stands sure do help . I'm the same way , I could have sued one along time ago. They're the Snap-on tools of the bike world. Next thing I need is one of their tool kits . Congrats on your Park stand , and St2s.

Thank, Robie. As you, I could go nuts & bananas with in the Park tools- range. Thank heaven for having impulse-control and not suffering compulsive obsessive disorder ;-)