Different chargers on Turbos

John Dombrowski

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so when I got my S I noticed it came with a different smaller charger. It is rated the same and doesn't have an on/off switch.


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How long does it take to charge ... what's the amperage?

It looks exactly like the travel charger

It says 2.5A input/4.0A output. But it is bigger than the travel charger. Here is the picture of the travel charger. Definitely different and smaller. The dealer said this is just the new charger for 2016 bikes.


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yeah - must be the new model thing.

How is the Turbo S compared to Turbo Base one: did you ride both on same route with something like strava?
I am particularly interested in the range and and average speed (how heavy are you?)
I just use cyclemeter. I tried the mission control app that comes with the S model but it is terribly buggy so I will never use it until they do some updates.
Granted the 2 models get the same top speed, but the S just gets there so much faster and so much easier up the hills.
I have only been riding with my wife so far so can't really give range or speed metrics yet. I will start commuting to work next week so I will get a better idea of what this thing can do. And I am 6 foot and only 150 lbs. btw.