Dead Stromer ST1 worth


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I want to get into ebikes so I can ride my neighborhood. That said I found a 2018 ST1 with about 450 miles on it. The owner says he tried to “check” the battery with a multimeter and killed the battery. However with no battery I can’t check the bike out. What is a bike worth where nobody can check it out?

That said I am sure the battery is rebuildable if not fixable or the internal electronics of the battery could be toast

If I wanted to seriously have it checked out think a local shop might be able to check it out at the location?

Any thoughts of how much the bike is worth if I can’t get it checked out? As in what would you pay for it?
Like a car with electrical issues I'd avoid it. If you could find someone local with a ebike that uses the same battery and drop it in to see if it operates BUT you run the risk of their battery getting damaged if there are "other" issues. No run/power up, no buy for me. I'd pass.

Stromers are not cheap, so if the owner just didn't buy a new under $1000 battery for a much more expensive ebike there's a reason why.
If the owner dead shorted the battery pack, there could be several other components fried. Controller, display, and BMS. On the other hand it could be a blown fuse. i'd assume only a Stromer dealer would be the only place to get good troubleshooting. Stromer is not just a bike that can be fixed by anyone.
If he was using a multi meter at the charge port, he could have just smoked the charging fuse....

I think if I were buying this bike, I would figure out what I would pay for it running, then subtract the price of a new battery from that. That should be a pretty safe gamble. Personally, my bet is the battery can be fixed.....