Daymak Vermont Review

Ann M.

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At a reasonable, 2K price point, this Canadian built hybrid ebike has several impressive features, including a much larger 48V 16 ah lithium pack (behind the seat for decent weight distribution), hydraulic disc brakes for stronger braking with the 500 watt hub motor and a pretty, sleek appearance with the internal wiring and yes...3 color choices! Yes, something other than just black. Court has some interesting observations about the lack of motor inhibitors on the brake levers. The Vermont is one of Daymak's most popular electric bike models because you get power, range and comfort for a reasonable ~$2k price. I like the addition of fenders but the front isn't long enough to protect feet and shins, the bottle cage bosses and rear rack bosses could come in handy and the lights are nice but run on their own batteries vs. being integrated. The suspension fork and larger knobby tires improved comfort but with only seven gears it's more of an on-road ebike. The plastic fenders are a bit basic, you have to leave the key in the battery when riding and the brake levers don't cut power to the motor which could be dangerous in pedal assist mode.
Great, I've been waiting for this one. Was considering this model in the 48V version, but at the time there was no review, so I didn't get it.

Will edit, after I watch.....

No brake cut off, maybe not so good, or safe thing. The somewhat local guy I believe told me 48v 20 ah, so good to finally see a review...16ah.

The fender on your "test bike" are not what is shown on the Daymak website.
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@rick-n-ns glad this caught your eye! The motor interrupt issue is for folks who can't remember to stop pedaling or using a throttle when they use the brakes. It's a good feature to have but most adults are sharp enough to let go of a throttle (which they have to do to use a right brake) or they stop pedaling when braking, a normal way to operate an average everyday non-electric bike. Depending upon the motor controller unit for this ebike, it might be possible to add brake levers with the inhibitor function.

It's likely that the actual production bikes come with a different fender set; again, something like that is under $50 to modify to your taste. To me the power of the motor and the bigger battery along with the pedal assist features, etc. for the price tag make this a pretty good bike.
OK Ann you got me...stop pedaling to stop...check. It just seemed a bit odd to me as most bikes do have brake cut offs. On a side note I noticed this, say you're making a sharp U turn in the road, you turn the pedals, and you may not make your turn, so I will remember that, and either NOT pedal, or keep a light finger on the brake. At least in a case like that it can be beneficial.

I agree it looks like a pretty good bike / deal, and that is why I was considering it. BTW I am quite sure the 2000 price tag is Canadian dollars, which is closer to 1400 US ! As I was quoted about $2500 Canadian with shipping, and 15% NS tax included.

I did just check the Daymak website, and the fenders there did match, what I saw different was on another resellers page.

Although there is a battery discrepancy it does indeed say 48v 20ah on the daymak website.

Copied; "
  • Motor: 500W
  • Battery Capacity: 48V/20AH
  • Range: up to 80km on pedal assist mode
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Max Speed: 32 km/h "
Yeah, I think it's skimping where they don't need to be with regards to the motor interrupt brake levers. It's not an expensive component brake wise and most electric bike controllers have a plug or two for the interrupt switch. So we'll see! Lot of value with the bike when that one issue is something you can modify after-market.