Cube Hybrid Touring 400 - What's wrong with this bike?

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Hi there,

I'm looking at getting my first E-Bike. I'll be using it for trails (unpaved/paved) and road use. Not many hills around here either. I'm on the west of Toronto, Canada.

I've fixed in on the Cube Hybrid Touring 400. It looks like the only E-Bike I can find around the $ 2000 USD/ 2000 Euro range with a Bosch system. Every other Bosch based bike I can find is at least $500 CDN more.

The price (for this market at least) seems relatively aggressive compared to competitors. Is there something I'm missing about this bike - it seems pretty solid. I've taken it for a test ride, and couldn't find any complaints. But I'm also not an experienced enough rider to really identify any problems in a short bike ride.

Any feedback/suggestions or perhaps experience with this model out there? Is there something else I should look at in this price point?
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Absolutely nothing 'wrong' with it. Cube just happen to be tremendous value. One could (rightly) argue that the welds are fugly but I can live with that for the value.

Are you going to be riding on smooth trails at a moderate pace, or hammering it along on some rough trails? The Suntour fork is not the best in the world but that's the price you pay if you want 'proper' mudguards (as we call them in these parts).

I looked at the very same bike but, as I now only ride in good weather & good light, figured the Reaction Race with added rack, kickstand, and tyre change suited me better as I got a better front fork and I prefer the battery on the frame for a more balanced feel.
I would highly recommend air shocks, especially if your riding is on unpaved surfaces. Once you have ridden a bike with air shocks there is no going back.