Considering buying the new Dillenger/Arc kit - thoughts?


Hello community.

I've been lurking here and sometimes posting here for about a month. I've gone from knowing nothing to learning quite a lot about ebikes, kits, etc. over the past month.

I've resolved to purchase and install a kit on my own. The kit will be for a Surly Cross Check for primarily commuting purposes - 32 mile roundtrip in a flat, urban environment. I'm focussed on cost, ease of installation, and speed.

And so, after looking at BionX, Falco, Magic Pie, and all the others with information on this site, I've arrived at a new Dillinger/Arc kit -

This is a 560WH, 48V kit with a top speed of 28mph+. The price is reasonable compared to the others. It's a rear-hub, downtube battery design. I like that I can use my existing dropbar road style handbar and brakes.

I've communicated directly with the owner/founder, Sam Sewell. He seems nice, is responsive, etc. He sent me the installation manual and the display manual. They are well done, easy to read, thorough. These kits use the same color-coded cables as the earlier Dillinger units. Looks beginner friendly. Everything looks legit.

I'm pretty much ready to pull the trigger, except for the fact that I can't find anyone on the Internet who has actually reviewed one of these units. I'm reluctant to spend $1,400+ to be a first adopter since this is my first forray into the ebike world.

So I'm looking to this community for some advice before I move forward. Should I be worried or concerned? Or should I go for it? Would love your thoughts! Thanks!

I have my review of a different Dillenger kit in this forum. Since my kit at around $900 was suited for my needs, I would not have gone for the Arc kit due to cost (it was not for sale at the time I bought mine).

I am satisfied with my Dillenger kit though, and would buy again in a similar situation.