Compare insurance rate...real numbers here


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Contacted American Family about insuring my ebikes. They said they fall under Misc vehicles like a golf cart, etc.
Here is the REAL quote I got for my Gazelle Ultimate T10+.

The price is per year. I thought this was pretty darn good!
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Mine is covered by state farm, $168/year for 500k/1Million/100K with $250 deductible liability, comp, collision, theft, (up to the replacement value of the bike and accessories).

I have it more to cover me in the event of an uninsured motorist, highly unlikely I (or any cyclist) would be at fault.
In NY, State Farm wouldn't provide coverage. In NC it was absurdly high. (State Farm insures my homes in NY and NC.) USAA referred me to Progressive. (USAA insures our cars.) Progressive punted.
I'm in CA, mine are covered as mopeds by State Farm.

CA requires anything over 750watts or with a speed over 20mph assisted or unassisted be registered with the DMV. onetime $28 charge, not annually recurring. since all my bikes meet one or both criteria I registered them, I have a "pink" slip for them and a moped license plate, therefore SF had no choice; as insurance is a state requirement.