Communication issue IDK

Bud Baker

New install. Set up torque sensor per directions. This is on a Catrike Trail 500 watt motor with console. Took a ride and at set rpm (50) we took off like a shot. No speed on console, no odometer count. It took far too long for the motor to stop assist which was somewhat disconcerting. Several more trips round the driveway same scenario. Up to pedal rpm, motor full on, stop pedaling and soon motor stops assist. No speed on console. No odometer count. I believe the console is not paired with the motor. Therefore the system is operating as if it were motor and battery only. Which I think is automagically level 5. There is no icon indicating the console is paired. It is fully charged. I welcome thoughts on this. It is too dangerous to use it on a rail trail as is. Is there something I need to do? I did place the console directly next to the wireless sensor from the motor. No pairing icon. Thanks for any help with this.
Hello Bud,

First and foremost with 2017 models and earlier, a calibration procedure is to be carried out. The calibration procedure can be found out here:
and here:

The calibration requires two steps:
  1. Sitting on the bike/Trike and reading the raw torque sensor value change ;
  2. Push on the pedal to see the direction of raw torque sensor value change.
The above procedure requires eBike lab software (available freely here) and ANT+ USB Stick available here.

Once it is done, you are ready to ride.