Class 2 dual hub drive full suspension


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Anyone make a Class 2 dual hub drive without the pedal drive train, no chain or belt, just pegs. With full suspension. Just a 20 mph electric bike with suspension. No pedaling illusions about it.

Or maybe it's not legal.

Probably not the right place to post this. Permission granted to move to different forum.
You can build one with two 350 W wheels with two controllers and two batteries, should work, I have done it.
Sounds like you are describing an Ubco. they were originally farm/work bikes for local New Zealanders. Went global awhile back.

You can also build your own with a couple of 750w motors. Tthrow in some big controllers and you've got a 30+ mph top speed. Youi REALLY want pedals and a drivetrain because if you are pedalling a bike at 34 mph, and a cop on the side of the road radars you, they'll go back to sleep as you pass by. Same with a squad car going your way on the road.

Act like a moped on throttle only and you had better be registered as one.

I have I think about 7000 miles on this bike across several years of daily commuting in a large city. Tons of curious looks from local police. Never anything more. I'm always on the street, or in the bicycle lane. Never on the sidewalk and never on a shared use path with pedestrians.