Chinese Car Vending Machine

George S.

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Electric car
$3 an hour to rent
Plans for 5 million e-cars in 5 years
The Chinese want to 'move beyond' their ebikes
I think, for their particular situation, that is a great idea, Might work well in large crowded cities like London.. I doubt they would be as cost effective outside of China..
@wa5 , the local Car2Go rental offers an electric version of its Smart Car. Don't know how many are in the fleet, but I've seen a few parked around town. The whole car sharing system is pretty big here and it makes a lot sense in China where incomes are lower and road space is limited. Most likely there are government incentives to push the project forward.
Austin TX, Central Texas areas unless you mean something different by 'area' . Sorry, thought I'd included that in my last comment on the Car2Go rentals.
You might have, I just didn't spot it.. electric cars for rent in Texas... I bet JR Ewing and co love that :)