charging haibike yamaha battery via 12v DC (plug in a motorhome / RV / car)

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I want to do some car / RV camping with the bike.

The RV has two 6volt 95 amp hour AGM batteries. The AGM batteries are connected to a 750 watt inverter.

Does anyone know if ok to plug the AC battery charger into the motorhome inverter to charge the batteries?
Do I need to a get a different inverter that provides a PURE SINE WAVE (vs a MODIFIED SINE WAVE inverter) for charging the yamaha battery?
Is it better to get a DC charger for the battery and plug into a 12v outlet in the vehicle instead?

I'm reading that charging the battery via a DC charger would take a lot longer to charge up the battery. Anyone know how long on my 500 watt battery? The listed charge time via the AC charger is 4.5 hours.

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Your AC in the camper is limited to say 50Amp and your home AC outlet is 200Amp,as long as you do not plug too many things to overload the circuit you should not have a problem.
Just my 2 cent opinion I'm sure there are experts lurking around here that will chime in with a better answer.
I hope someone who really knows about this will chime in. I'm tried to figure this out myself as I would love to be able to charge my emtb when out with my camper. I have a 12v 84Ah battery, 100 watt solar panel, a and 400 watt modified sine wave inverter, but haven't had the guts to try it. I believe it would be prudent to use a pure sine wave inverter which is better for sophisticated electronics.

I don't know if my 400 watt inverter is large enough as I don't know if you calculate the watts needed by multiplying the 4 amp charger by the 110v coming out of the inverter or the 12v going into it. I suspect the former is the way to calculate, which would mean my inverter is not large enough.
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When I attempted by Guinness Record ride, my support van had modified sine wave inverter and it worked fine to charge 2 Stromer batteries at a time (each charging at 54V and 4.5A). So, a 500Whr Yamaha battery should be ok.
I am using a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. Depending how depleted my Haibike battery is I am able to recharge from the yeti and then charge the yeti with solar panel. I did one test that showed 75watts coming into the yeti from the panel. Then plugging into the pure sine wave outlet on the Yeti inverter. this showed approx 175 watts going out to the charger. my Haibike battery was at 50% when I plugged in. Yes power was going out faster than the panels could recharge. But the Haibike battery completed charging before depleting the storage capacity.

If I get another 100 watt solar panel and add it to my system, I should be able to do pass through charging on the bike battery without using my stored power. Even if I do get into the battery power of the Yeti, its recharge time will be twice as fast