Box Bike Collective Standard Utility Box Bike Review

Ann M.

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Well, this is a different view of Court on the bike with someone else pedaling! The wider 20" tires and low step setup make this a pretty comfortable setup for real life hauling (including the kids :)) Nice setup as a cargo bike for groceries or in this case, tested by some bike couriers. Has a lot of possibilities. The Box Bike Collective Standard Box Bike is an electric assist box bike with 350 lb carrying capacity (200 lbs in the front basket), plenty of room for cargo or child bench seat with safety belts. Powerful 500 watt geared hub motor in the front benefits from smaller sturdy wheels (20" front and rear for easier maintenance). Electric assist only, no throttle mode here, one frame size ~18" with a mid-step design and extra long seat post to fit a range of riders. Newer company working with charitable organizations, designed and built locally in Santa Cruz California, year long warranty.
From their website philosophy tab "Our plan is continually improve and update the bike. We also plan to have a trade-in and trade-up program. Traded-in bikes will be donated to those who can not afford to buy a bike."
Wow! Sounds like a great cargo bike and a great philosophy. I do love the bike- blue and yellow are some of a favorite colors, especially together. Its bright and easy to spot making it more safe for transporting your kids- flag included :) Here is their kickstarter if anyone is interested.