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THURSDAY, JAN. 9, 2020

Blix ebikes now sells exclusively online, offers more affordable prices and partners with showrooms throughout the U.S.
SANTA CRUZ, California — Known for their stylish, user-friendly, and powerful cargo, commuter, cruiser and folding ebikes, Blix is shifting to a consumer direct business model, offering more affordable prices and taking a unique approach by creating showrooms with local bike shops.

The showroom and rental locations will allow customers to see and test-ride a Blix ebike before purchasing online directly from The partner network includes selected bicycle and specialized ebike shops that are previous Blix dealers, but also hotels, touring and other rental experience companies.

“We’re excited for this change as it allows us to continue working with the strong network of local shops we have built over the years. Meanwhile, selling online puts us in direct contact with every new Blix owner throughout the customer journey, which is key for continuing to improve the Blix experience, community building and our user-focused approach to product development,” says Pontus Malmberg, Blix Founder & CEO.

The change also brings advantages of streamlined operations and other cost savings, which Blix will pass on to the customer through price reductions on all Blix models.

The Sol cruiser model is now $1499 (previously $1699)
The Aveny commuter model is now $1599 (previously $1899)
The Vika+ folding model is now $1599 (previously $1699)
The Packa cargo model is now starting at $1599 (previously $1999)

The new prices are applied to all current Blix ebikes and no other changes or updates have been made to the models. The new pricing will be available on January 9, 2020 on


About Blix

Blix’s goal is to inspire people to live a more fun and healthier lifestyle by creating compelling ebikes that combine style, utility, and performance at an affordable price point. Founded in Santa Cruz, CA in 2014, Blix is one of the fastest growing, direct to consumer, ebike brands in the U.S. Blix offers innovative e-bike models including city, cruiser, cargo and folding ebikes.
Contact: Sabrina Hockett, Community Manager

Phone: 855-655-2549

Email: [email protected]



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