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I was wondering if any ebike could be modified to replace its battery with a bionx battery to give it better range.
The BionX battery is not really a universal type of battery given the special canbus electronics that a whole system from them comes with. There are a lot of other aftermarket lithium batteries that are easier to interface with different motor kits and can be managed with generic controllers or a good monitoring/programming console like the Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst. One other issue with using the BionX battery is that the charging system is partly built into their batteries and uses a specific power supply.
I would even say there is no such thing as universal electric vehicle battery
to your question “if any ebike could be modified to replace its battery” the answer is YES. You just need to know how! If you dont know how, it could be hazardous not to say dangerous.
From my point of view, if you ask the question, it is that you do not have the engineering knowledge to do so
But YES it can be done. Bionx battery is very expensive, complex and so on. On my Bionx bike, I use lead acid batteries as auxiliary power, in conjunction with the Bionx battery system. 4 times the range at full speed, much-much more hill climbing. The cost, cost about 150$ as opposed to over 1000$ Bionx system
It requires my own interface, my own charger system... my own design (very heavy!) months in the lab...
The down side, cant go somewhere and leave the bike there. Lots of eyes on it. It has turned into a thieves magnet.
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I have a different question on the older, 36v, BionX LiMn pack:
? What is the charge profile for this "36v" battery pack?

We acquired a very little used BionX drive Martin MTB, and the battery pack for it and it's Xtracycle updated Martin MTB were showing 12-14v, too low for the OEM charger to bring the packs up to a usable charge state. After using a GT Power A8 to bring the pack up to ~22v using a "24v" Li profile in the charger, the OEM charger would pick up and charge these two 9.6Ah 36v packs to 40.2v. Using a West Mountain Radio CBA, we measured 6.x Ah in the first pass, and the packs both appeared to work normally.

?Is 40.4v for this 10s LiMn pack typical Voc after using the OEM 10s charger included with the BionX system?

Best, Mark @W4CHL