Best wind noise solutions?

I am no fan of Cat Ears. Tried and discarded.

Agree! I am a big fan of a skull cap pulled down over the ears and/or bacalava — totally negates wind noise, but find that type of ear covering a bit too warm in the summer.
Another option is a thin summer neck gaiter worn cap style. I do that frequently, it muffles the worst of the wind noise but doesn’t leave me deaf. Also it is a great sunblock for those of us who are concerned with skin cancer
Mini review of the Cat Ears AirStreamz.

@sc00ter very generously sent me his Cat Ears AirStreamz and Ear Covers.

My initial impressions of the AirStreamz are positive. They actually don't look too bad -at least, helmets always look a little goofy to begin with.
After a few back-to-back hot laps I can say they provided some attenuation of head-on wind noise, but still leave you susceptible to crosswinds.

I can't definitively recommend them, but it was enough that I will leave them attached.

Ultimately, a larger detachable piece might be the way to go. That way they would provide more attenuation, and you could pop them on and off as you wish.


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One alternative is to wear musician's earplugs, i.e. earplugs that attenuate all frequencies evenly but still let you hear all the sounds around you at a lower volume (usually 20dB lower). Although I don't use them when riding, I use them on other occasions.