BBDSHD Build (Newbie) - Bottom Bracket Tight


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Just started my first build and have hit a snag fitting the BBSHD into the bottom bracket.

The bike is nearly new hard tail 29ER from Aldi in Australia. It is a Crane frame. No model number, but details are here...

First issue is that it was very tight sliding through the bottom bracket. It would barely move. I resorted to using the fastening ring to pull it through and managed to get it in place after a lot of effort.

The issue is that it is touching the chain stauy. See photo. It looked OK as I was doing it, but worse in the photo.

I think I should pull it off and add some spacers (supplied in the Luna-mate/luna cycles kit). The trouble is now that it is so tight, I don't know how to get it out. So my questions:

Q1: Do I need to add the spacers. It is in place, but touching the stays? (I think yes).
Q2: Any suggestions on how to get it out other than pulling and wiggling. - Haven't tried yet but I know it will be at least very hard.
Q3: I read elsewhere (after I put it in) that in this situation it is better to open up the bottom bracket hole with a Dremel or similar. Any suggestions?

If it is touching frame then you need to pull off and add spacers. When you crank it down to tighten the retaining nut you could cause damage to the motor, making it misalign and possibly crack. Take the time to remove and add spacers, keep it as close to chainstay as possible without actually touching.
Yes, I chose to spend a few minutes with a drill and a round grinder bit to open up the BB on my bike. For me, it was a chuck of weld jutting out of one of the tubes.

You will have to extract the BBS02, do that, and add the spacer. Doesn't look easy. Good luck.
For the benefit of anyone with the same problem, I resolved it with copious WD40 and a lot of wiggling. I was surprised that the WD40 has such an effect as there was already a lot of grease from the assembly.

The rest of the build was straightforward. Now that I have been up and running for about about a month and have ridden about 600km, ironically I have the opposite problem of trying to keep the BBSHD tight and not moving in the bottom bracket. There has been much written about this elsewhere!