Bafang mid drive BBS02 Throttle Stopped Working?


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The throttle just stopped working, pedal assist works perfect, No Codes, I replaced the throttle and controller.. IM LOST ON THIS ONE!
Test/replace the 1to4 main harness cable. Check for bent pins.
I thought that was the problem too so I just installed my new 4 to 1 cable but nothing changed. The throttle still doesn’t work. This is frustrating, my motor probably has 75 miles on it.
Check the throttle connector. See if you get
red-black 4.5V
blue-black 0V
blue-red 4.0V

These are I recently got on a hubmotor controller, but I think the circuits are similar. Too lazy to go check my BS02B.
I believe you should have 5v between pins 6 ( + ) and 8 ( - ) and 0v on pin 7 with the throttle disconnected.
With the throttle connected you should now have approximately 1v at rest and rising to about 4v when fully rotated between pins 7 and 8
This all should be handled by the controller

Post some pics of your install and a screenshot of the throttle settings
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