Anyone tried to travel?

So, just as I get a new XU700 I get put on an assignment for 6 months in Europe. Not a bad thing to be able to bike around The Netherlands for a summer...if I can get it there. Li-Ion batteries at this size are dangerous goods so while it's still cheaper than buying a battery over there (unless there is a serious resale market) it's enough to think twice. Any experiences with- or tips for travelling overseas?
I don't know any of the details, but I believe Li-ion batteries can be shipped on a plane, but just need to be packaged by a certified hazmat shipper. Maybe you can buy a battery over there from a dealer, with the agreement of them buying it back (even if half price or less - effectively renting it) you will have such a wonderful experience cycling in one of the world's best cycling countries! Whatever you do, make sure you have either your bike, or another ebike when other there! Good luck, and I am envious.
The trouble seems to be that anything over 100Wh is considered class 9 dangerous good and cannot be shipped air if there are passengers on board. Air cargo is ok, but the packaging restrictions are coming up as very expensive. Shippers won't even deal with me directly unless I'm a qualified shipper of dangerous goods and under contract for frequent use. I have been told other folks have done it in the past, but either it was still while the airlines would give explicit permission or it was packed up with the bike and no one took note. Hoping now for a rental/buy-back option.
Hey @Kevin Deane-Freeman , would love to work with you on this. We're a certified DG shipper and can get a couple quotes & ship the battery for you... give me a shout at [email protected]


p.s. don't 'forget' it in a bike box and ship it- they open 99% of bike boxes on the way through the airport and it will land you in hot water :)
Looking into it, it will cost ~$245 to ship the battery to Amsterdam (took a random city based on your comment). Expect +/- $30 depending on where in the EU...

You're looking at ~$500 round trip to send your battery. I'll see if there is anything I can do with BionX Europe division.