Anyone know mopeds?

Holy cow, I have a exhaust leak. I bet that's what caused my CEL to come back on. Gonna fix the leak this weekend and see what happens.
Possible, exhaust O2 can trigger a light,finally figured out why the vehicles run rough that come from the famous opiod areas.
So I'm waiting on a call from the dealership about ordering a Genuine Buddy 125. I've owned 2 Buddy 125's and know them very well, plus they are as simple as you can get. They (Buddy 125's) have the added bonus of a kick start! I picked my current Liberty over another Buddy because it fit 2 adults very well and the larger tires didn't beat my wife up going over bumps as bad as the Buddy's 10" wheels, but we no longer ride double.

I wanted one more faster/larger scooter, like a Piaggio BV400 or another SYM CityCom 300i, but I'll be at the mercy of sketchy dealers again for computer diagnostics. I wish Honda sold something that tickled my fancy. I have a great Honda dealership in my area. Loved my Honda Helix even though I was always changing rear tires. My wife's Silverwing was pretty nice as well, just too large to squeeze in my parking space. I really need to post a picture of my parking spot, maybe later.

I did quickly realize that I cannot safely do a 50cc scooter. Cars just keep driving worse and more reckless everyday! And I will never do the interstate/expressway ever again on anything with 2 wheels. My state really needs those speed cameras like Europe has implemented. Oh, and red light cameras on every corner. I always tell my wife to give me 2 years and I can cure this whole reckless driving situation but it involves the dreaded "P" word, politics.
Took me about 15 minutes to figure out I would expire on a real motorcycle pretty quickly, so I quickly cut my MC supply off before I became addicted.
I honestly don't have a issue with the extras on a moped, but then again I'm not riding one because of a budgeted income. In my hobby days with 50cc 2-strokes I always had my M class motorcycle endorsement, and I just ended up getting the yearly (not required) safety inspection and just added the moped to my insurance policy. Once I added the moped to my motorcycle policy I got the multiple vehicle discount and it was actually cheaper! It was still a moped legally restricted to 35mph though. But this happened to me!

I was riding a highly modded 70cc Zuma moped home from work one night. I was doing 45mh in a 45 zone, keeping up with traffic. So this cop stops me with a car full of trainees. The cop goes "License, insurance and registration." all happy like he was gonna nail me. I'm like "O.k., here's my proof of insurance, M-class license, registration and my state inspection paperwork.". Cop just sat there looking stupid in front of his students. He says something about exceeding speed on a moped so I just told him to give me a ticket and I'll fight it out in court. I can take days off from work, no big deal. Cop ended up letting me off with a warning. I wasn't rude or anything, I always believe in treating others as I like to be treated, but this cop apparently hated mopeds. His recruits were impressed with my motor work. That Zuma did 60mph and would ride wheelies off the throttle, and it sounded evil when it hit its power band! Miss that scooter sometimes.

Our moped tags say "Moped" in red at the bottom, and your not supposed to exceed 35mph but if you do and get caught they treat it as operating a motorcycle, and hit you with the extra things required for motorcycle operation. My Zuma tag said moped on it but I had all the motorcycle bases covered.
I got my 2023 Genuine Buddy in glossy titanium home! I'll get a picture up later. I ordered a bunch of accessories for it already. Sporty seat, windshield, top box and a few small things. I still need to break-in the motor and be gentle to it. Once its broken in and gets its first service done (I'll do the first service myself) it'll get ridden like the devil is chasing me! Genuine sells nicely built scooters, on par with anything from the Japanese big 3. I will say it feels weird going from 16" wheels back to 10" wheels but from owning 3 Buddy scooters in the past I'll adapt pretty quick.
When you get it drive it like you stole it for one good trip then dump the oil and do whatever you want 😉