Anybody Ride a Specialized Turbo Tero Yet?

I find the standard saddle on the Tero 4 is very comfortable.

With regards to tires, I ride technical rooty single track and found that the 2.35s were simply not capable of dealing with this as if you ran lower pressures you could tell the rim was not having a great time!

The 2.6s allowed me to run 25psi at the rear and the rim then didn’t make contact with roots etc.

When I wanted to try 2.6s I couldn’t find any information as to if they would fit. I emailed Spez UK who thought they would but I should check that I had at least 5mm clearance. I have 6mm at closest points.

I run a tubeless setup and have found it to be very reliable.

I did find the forks were not up to what I do, but I don’t think the Tero is really aimed at Surrey Hills XC in standard form. I have fitted Rockshox Revelation 120mm travel forks and the improvement is outstanding. However, the originals will work just fine in most situations.

I’m saving up for a Turbo Levo Alloy comp or maybe a Cube. Won’t be till next year though so depends what is on the market then. Loving the Tero 4 and with my upgrades it is a very capable XC machine.
I will add and agree mt Tero 3 front shock is crap. I will address this in the future, I think? Just added the
Cane Creek Thudbuster LT to the seat post today have not had a chance to test it yet since the monsoon season
here in tornado alley is upon us. As for the power, so far so good, Sundays ride of 28 miles used 52% battery, mostly flat and level grade,
have not tried the single track yet, I need to get more adjusted to the bikes handling and quirks.
My Tero 4 out in the Surrey Hills today.

I also managed to get 3 strava cups 😎.

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I was out on a Trek Powerfly 5 (hardtail) again today (only emtb for hire locally) and wondered how it compares with the Tero. It's a nice bike to ride. No good with mud (got stuck) and a bit jittery on rocky gravel going down hill - otherwise very good to ride (with padded shorts). Tyres were 2.3 and I thought fatter tyres would have helped with mud but wasn't sure if the slight jittery back wheel downhill on rocky gravel was just the hardtail or tyre pressures.

Also does the Tero 4 or 5 have assisted walk mode? (For walking it up a steep muddy hill! Couldn't manage that today with the Powerfly 5).
Had a flat today. In contrast to the Vado SL, I found removing and reinstalling the standard Ground Control tires on the Tero very easy. No need even for tire irons in either case. Was handy to have a couple velcro straps to use as 3rd and 4th hands to reseat the tire tho.