Any news on e-Joe One?

Paul E.

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It seems strange that there are no news or reviews or anything about it anywhere since the last review of the prototype here but it seems to be for sale online for a price that's too good to be true if it's not total rubbish:

What's going on here...?
I just have the same question! I prefer this design better than the foldables! But, there is no feedback on the internet about the finished product. I think that the 500 watt motor will make the difference...
I spoke to Chandlee @ EBS, I had questions about Epik SE, he owns one and
gave me a fantastic rundown on the bike. In summary he said for the price it's
a great bike, a really good first ebike. As for the E-Joe One, I asked, also saw the
Court review and price on that website, Chandlee test rode it a while back and
suggested I stay away from the E-Joe One. I trust Chandlee, He's like Chris from Long Island electric bikes, they only sell what they feel they can stand behind. EBS doesn't sell the E-Joe One.