Any ergo grips for Dash?

Paul E.

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I got Ergon GP1 Rohloff/Nexus version grips waiting for my Dash to arrive because they were said to fit a twist throttle too but now I see no way to make them work. The throttle on the Dash is so huge and the right grip so tiny that it would require either sawing off some of the wider part of the Ergon grip or moving the throttle and brake towards the center so much that the brake would be uncomfortably far from the grip.

Anybody know about ergonomic grips that would fit the Dash without removing the throttle, or any other ideas?
I'm probably going to remove my throttle to get the grips I want, or maybe configure with an Jones H-bar. It's not like I'm feathering in some sub-20 mph speed, in fact my rare use of the throttle is always binary, full throttle, then off.. might as well be a push button marked TURBO, when it really is a temporary level 4. -S
I absolutely need my throttle to get to work sweatless, so I'll have to figure out something. Maybe I'll buy cheaper grips that I wouldn't feel so bad about mutilating with hacksaw and dremel until they fit...
Yeah I also considered something like that, reckon you have to glue on the shortened right grip. Let us know what you figure out. -S
I don't think you'll have too much trouble. The grips that fit the twist grip bikes are pretty short to start with. I would first just try just moving your brake, and throttle inboard enough to make it fit, and see how you like it. If that doesn't work for you, it looks like it would be easy to cut an inch or two off the inboard side of the grip. I believe the Ergon's only have a clamp on the outboard side of the grip, so cutting it shorter shouldn't effect it's fit, or dependability.

I like the Ergons, and a pair is going to find a way on my bike soon.
I decided to use the Ergons after I noticed that the stock setup was asymmetric so that the left brake was further inward than the right. With the 5 mm longer left Ergon grip and the 15 mm wide bar end, I moved the left brake and the control pad 20 mm in. When I moved all the stuff on the right inward so that the right brake was the same distance from the handlebar end as the left one, there was enough space that I needed to shorten the right Ergon only about half an inch, leaving the light gray area intact and the grip not looking obviously mutilated:


The Ergons are a huge improvement, so much that the bar ends don't seem very necessary, but they're just nice to have...