Announcement & Update on EBR Ownership

Thank you @Court. I probably would not be riding an ebike now if I hadn't found your amazing reviews and forum. I have learned so much! Your review of my first ebike, the Kona Dew-e DL, was instrumental in my decision to purchase one. It has been a great bike. I still remember your video review saying something like "this bike is for the more experienced cyclist" (or similar). That made my decision even easier! ;) Best wishes in all your future endeavors. Hope things will stay as good here with the new owners as they are now.
Thank you, Court! I began reading EBR in 2015, and in January 2016 bought my first ebike, an entry-level Magnum Ui5. I kept reading EBR and within six months sold that bike and bought my second bike, a Haibike AllMtn full-suspension with Yamaha motor. It was a huge upgrade, and I made it with confidence due to Court's favorable reviews of Haibikes. I still have that bike and still enjoy it very much. Two years ago I bought a Yuba Spicy Curry AT, a big step up in cargo capacity and range (mine has two batteries). By that time I had learned a lot about ebikes not only from riding my own ebike, but also from the EBR community. Thank you, Court!