Announced: Yamaha Civante - 28mph

As for tires on a combined road and gravel use, I just tubeless installed the WTB Byway 650b x 47mm. an my Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3. They are fast and easy rolling, quiet and grippy on pavement and quite good on gravel too. It looks like I could even get away with 50mm (2") tires on this bike but the 47mm are nearly ideal. No room for fixed fenders beyond 42mm on the bike, but the SKS Shock blade front and X-Blade rear work quite well, going on and off in mere seconds.
It seems like bike companies are going in two directions when it comes to road ebikes. The first light/low power/small battery ebikes, like the Creo is aimed at one type of rider and the second heavier/more powerful/bigger battery ebikes, like this Civante is aimed at another type.

Along with my ebike, I also ride two light, carbon road bikes. If I had to choose between the Aluminum Creo (33 pounds) and the Civante (43 pounds) I'd probably go with the Civante.
I've ridden the Creo and for me it felt underpowered. I couldn't see much of a reason to buy it over my 18 pound road bike.
I agree. The Creo feels like a Hyundai compared to the Civante being a Porsche. I got one and LOVE it!!