alation 500 review....sort of


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well it's been a couple years since riding my alation 500

every so often i check into this forum to see what's up and the top threads seem to be complaining a bunch. i don't disagree, if someone has a bad experience they should be able to tell the world. i just thought i might provide some feedback from the other side of the fence.

i had mine in white. and rode it around town in san francisco.
i am writing this from memory of what was since it was ultimately stolen and replaced by another bike.

why didn't i buy another alation? well i almost did. was interested in the mid drive model but there were no
retailers near me that carried it. the store that i bought the original from would not stock that one. and then i
just decided i would try an electric fat bike but that's another story.

the Alation 500 was great right off the line as in lots of torque up front and it just felt zippy zippy zippy.
and that's saying something as i am all of 275lbs. that means i put that baby to work and it delivered making
me feel like the king of whatever road i was giddily flying over. the bike felt pretty nimble to me especially compared to the fat bike i got afterwards. i longed for the zippyness of the Alation (though i still enjoy my current fatbike). every so often i do remember it fondly the Alation 500 felt like an all around good performer for all but steep hills for me. maybe for a lighter rider it would do better but big hills in sf meant i rode around them.

for the price and feel of the bike i felt it was very worth it. i would say anyone just getting into ebikes should seriously look at this bike.