Adding a child seat to the XP 2.0


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Bought two of these XP 2.0 st models last Christmas and we love them. I've added a couple of bolt-ons on mine; the most recent is a pair of rear footpegs and a rear seat. It makes sense--the XP can carry an extraordinary amount of weight (330lbs, I think) and the luggage rack in back is rated for 75lbs, which is plenty for most little ones. On top of that, I early on swapped an 11-34 freewheel for the stock 14-28 one, so I have a lower first gear if needed.

The footpegs are beefy and bolt on with the included allen screws. One of them was a bit rattle-ly when folded but adjusting the pivot allen screw fixed that. The seat is cheap but waterproof. I suppose I could screw it on to the rear rack, but as it is the mounting screws protrude about an inch from underneath and I simply place it on the permanently-mounted folding basket and secure it with my two bungee cords and it's good to go. And a child's behind is well back of the cords, so no discomfort from them. Total cost for the mod: about $35.

I don't yet know if there will be a need for a baffle to keep little shoes from getting caught in the spokes. If necessary, easy to fabricate out of clear rigid plastic and a few zip ties.

I rode analog bikes extensively for much of my younger life. Now I'm a bit older but I find these machines to be extraordinary and am still surprised at their low cost. And now I can take a young passenger along.



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