Add-E 600W Ebike Kit Video Review

Tara D.

Active Member
I love the stealth of this bike but it is disappointingly loud. Seems like it took quite a lot of work to get this kit installed on this bike, hopefully no one runs into that problem but if they do I hope they make some fun videos of their install!

Wow. I really wanted this kit for the light weight. But the noise is disturbing. I don't think this will help me on the 15% grade hill that I encounter on my daily route.
I can see problems with the kit if you take it off road and ride in the mud, or even deep puddles, for that matter. A friction drive will eventually wear, as will the tire. At the price point they are asking, and considering the limited battery capacity, let alone lackluster performance, with a fairly lightweight rider, this kit is not ready for prime time. Just my 2 cents.