(#4 of 4) SWIFT now has Cadence+Torque Sensor.. FAKE NEWS!!

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[UPDATED Jan 26, 2021]
Well, who da thunk it. Where is it installed? Bottom bracket?? Rear wheel dropout area?? Realistically, this ebike will most likely still have its original component: a torque sensor bottom bracket.. More Smoke and Mirrors from BIKTRIX/Roshan.
If you will recall from my earlier (#3 of 4) post, prior to this mid-Jan 2021 BikTrix website “update”, that very same wording read as Cadence Sensor . “Cadence Sensor” is one of the reasons I spent one thousand seven hundred US dollars on a 2020 SWIFT ebike-- which in reality was/is torque sensor bottom bracket equipped.. So, this bike has been advertised as a cadence sensor-equipped bike, and now as a Cadence+Torque Sensor ebike. Luckily, the folks at JUICED ebike company has this link: Pedal Sensor / Torque + Cadence Sensor – Juiced Bikes This particular website page has an abundance of information as to the location, operation, and even some pitfalls (read all of the reviews), of buying a Cadence+Torque Sensor ebike. Be sure to watch the video.
There is also another link at the very end of this post. The sheer amount of information dedicated to the TORQUE SENSOR option should be enough to deter the recreational ebike buyer from spending their hard earned $$$ on a bike equipped with same.
As for in-person ebike shop purchases: the Torque sensor or Cadence sensor or Cadence+Torque combo sensor is easy to get a “visual” on. You just have to know what to look for and where it is located. There may be exceptions to the rule. You will have to figure them out. Have the bike shop salesperson point out the exact location of the sensor. If they make excuses, something is amiss.
There is another recent thread on this BIKTRIX forum discussing the “sensor” issue. I won't hijack the thread and link it here. Let's just say that it was a one thousand nine hundred dollar STUNNER LT lesson learned. See, the problem is that, if someone has already had the experience of actually riding the “type” of sensor equipped ebike, they are expecting the exact same effect on their own one thousand nine hundred dollar investment. Oh well, what the hey. It's only $$$. Easy come, easy go.. But, you can forewarn the next potential ebike purchaser to look elsewhere. There are many competent, professional, honest based-in-the-USA ebike companies out there on internet world.
Cadence+Torque Sensor: The biggest downside of this type sensor is its location. There is already an axle and axle nut, a titted torque washer, a multi-speed cassette/freewheel, rear derailleur, a chain, and the frame itself, all located in the same condensed area. Then there is the rear hub motor wire connection and the sensor wire, too. Now you can factor in the rear wheel as a unit, with the rear disc plate, weighing about 20 pounds. Removing/installing the rear wheel (flat tire, etc) will entail a very complex maneuvering procedure to get everything fitted back into its proper position and NOT mess something up (again, see the reviews). It's not going to be a fun time. Remember, the JUICED rear wheel sensor unit costs $200, but, guess what? It is OUT OF STOCK. Also, bending that disc brake plate will ruin your day, too because you won't even be able to get home. I have removed/installed rear wheels more than 50 times on my 5 ebikes. It is 2nd nature to me, so No Problemo. For you, probably not so lucky.
The $200.00 Torque Sensor bottom bracket is invisible to see. It is hidden inside the bike frame bottom bracket mount. All you will see is a wire coming out the bottom of the frame. Either have the bike employee stand the bike on its rear wheel or use a mirror to see that wire.
The $20.00 Cadence Sensor is easy to see because it is a flat disc the size of a tennis ball. Look just inside the front chain ring (between it and the frame). The disc is pressed on to the axle. There is also a small pickup sensor. If you spin the chain ring (with the electrical power “on”) you will see a blinking red light as the magnets pass the pick-up sensor.
The $200.00 Cadence+Torque Sensor, as shown on the excellent JUICED ebikes link, is also easy enough to get a visual on. My big question on this item is “Why do you need both the cadence and the torque?” Just something else to go wrong. These ebikes already have enough going against them when it comes to the “e” portion. This combo item just adds to the mix. And, as I stated earlier, a very busy location. KISS -- Keep It Simple, Simon.
If a shop salesman tells you that the bike has Cadence Sensor and then says that it can't be seen because of its hidden internal location, that person is lying. Remember, a salesperson is a salesperson, be it ebike or automobile.
My earlier mentioned profit motive mindset comes into play again. The one favored tested ebike might use a 48v battery. However, to boost the ebikes giddy-up-go, a freshly charged up 52v battery will be installed. A HECK of a difference by the way (I also own a 52v/13ah battery and the up-power is quite noticeable). And then the other test ebike will have a 48v battery with only a 20% remaining charge. Nowhere near the brute power of a fresh battery.
So, if you believe that the SWIFT now actually has Cadence+Torque Sensor, more power to you. But, still be prepared for disappointment.

Email from BikTrix to me on Dec 1, 2020
Ricky, Dec 1, 2020, 10:34 CST
>> Hi XXX,
>> Apologies for the delay.
>> We can provide you with a new torque sensor if that is what you mean by the
> bottom bracket. Please confirm.
>> The cost for the torque sensor will be $200. If you cover 50% ($100) we can
> send it to you free of extra shipping fees right away. Let me know if that
> works for you and I will send you the invoice.
>> Have a great day!
>> Warmest regards,
>> Ricky

So, let's see, it has now been 52 days since I sent BikTrix that $100.00 and I am still waiting for the sensor.
To every ebike buyer: Do your homework.
I am putting this very informative link here at the end because it has a lot of info, therefore much reading is required. https://ebikes.ca/learn/pedal-assist.html
It may even dissuade you from going the “torque sensor” route.

UPDATE Jan. 26, 2021: Yesterday I received an email from BIKTRIX stating“ ORDER XXXX was canceled at your request and your payment has been refunded”. The only problem is That I never requested a cancellation: the torque sensor still should have been shipped to me. I emailed BIKTRIX back with the stipulation that they show me just where/how I stated for this item to be canceled. Naturally, they won't be able to do so. I did receive the $100 as a refund, though. Big deal.
Though I am not a NASA scientist, I did have the foresight to see where this entire situation was headed. On Jan 19th, I went ahead and ordered a torque sensor bottom bracket from the other “C” country. It should arrive by the end of February. Some “C”s are better trusted than others. My last thread posting (it would have been reply #19) on the #3of4 post was completely removed by EBReview. Not a problem though, since I still have my copy of it. That item may come in handy in the near future-- inquiring minds will want to know.
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