Simple question... It's a Yamaha drive. Surely the electrics are always the same for a given drive system...
as I found out the brake wires of there are any are for brake lights. there is no brake power cutoff since the bikes don't have throttles.
Yup, it's the brake lights I'm trying to power. But I have the option between the opener type and the closer type. No idea which one I need.

I figured it's 50/50 and ordered the opener!
most like power when open. since you're competing a circuit to power the brake light.
In my case, I don't think it will matter whether it's opener or closer. Because it's not the lever that's broken, it's the clamp and reservoir. I'll take off the old lever and cable and put it on the new clamp and reservoir. I think It all happens in the lever. I did some tests with the lever off the reservoir and it activates the brakes when there is a contact. So I think it's that...

We'll see...
ya that could work. I was silly6 and thought Bosch needed e bike brake levers because of the wires on my other Bosch bike they are the magura too. so I thought I was limited on replacements on our tandem. only to find the wires were only for the brake light.
I am in the same situation and I am about to get a replacement for my broken MT4e brake lever to the S8.0, Yamaha system. Both the lever and the wire is damaged. (stupid wind blew the bike over). So, what is the conclusion of the opener/closer for the Yamaha system Haibikes? I understand this has to do with engine shutoff and not for the circuit of the rear light itself?
Would either opener or closer work if there is no engine shutoff implemented from the manufacturer?