2022 Specialized Turbo Vado Help

I'm the same size as you (173 cm = 5'8") with 78 cm standover height (30.7") and the frames of all my e-bikes were M disregarding of a brand/model.
If I stand over the bike, should I be able to lift it up so there is room between the wheels and pavement?
Vado 5.0:
  • The air suspension fork vs. steel coil: a big difference
  • Better drivetrain for 5.0
  • 4-piston brakes vs 2-piston make difference in the hills
  • Stronger motor. It is not just 15 Nm difference. It translates to max motor power of 565 W for the 5.0. Yes, possibly the motor of 4.0 has 520 W peak power.
If I were in position of Green and could spend a thousand bucks more, I would take the 5.0. Not that 4.0 is a bad e-bike, no!

No, Zeeker. Just no. You live in the past. ST e-bikes are the choice of people with mobility issues. I own 2 ST e-bikes, and only one High-Step (and only because Vado SL ST was unavailable when I was buying the lightweight e-bike).

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Tell me the Highway Star is a girlie thing... :D
I never said step thru was a girlie thing . I didn't say there was anything wrong with ST. I said on a Men's HS bike . You can't get both feet on the ground in a hurry without some possible pain . From what I read Green has the option of getting a Standard Men's 5 . Or a 4 Step thru. I'm just telling him if he can see himself riding what he can find available to get it . Who knows what the future of getting anything is going to be . I've had a Truck 4 wheel on order now 9 months .
What someone rides is a matter of choice and possibly requirement to even ride . Although it seems that those guys riding ST often say I'm living in the past . Like I'm the one with the problem . It's a matter of choice isn't it ?
If he could get a 5 ST and had to buy a 4 . It's better to have one in hand then 2 in the bush . Especially when the bush has branches that have started to break .
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Does anyone know the torque of the 2022 Vado 4.0 vs the 2021 5.0 motor? I plan to end this dilemma tonight.

The 2.2 motor is 565 W/90 Nm.
I have a Vado 5.0 ST in XL. I got a side-mounted Zee cage in the gap in the frame where those two bosses are, and you can just barely squeeze a short bottle into it. I ended up just mounting my lock there and keeping the water bottle in the top tube spot.

FWIW, I thought a long time about whether or not to get a girlie ST, but I sucked it up and got one. Makes it way easier to maneuver the bike, get on and off especially with stuff mounted to the rear rack, etc. Plus, the ST top tube where it meets the seat tube is the perfect handle to pick up the bike to lift it up a few stairs, over train tracks, onto a rack, etc.
This what I have installed on my wife's Vado 5.0 ST. One Specialized Direct Mount Reserve Rack and two Rib Cage 2 bottle cages. The Direct Mount attaches to the saddle as part of the SWAT system. I purchased all three items at Erik's online bike shop. This works great.


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I haven't gotten all the way to the end, but I had just got back from vacation so I've missed some posts. Specialized has a snack bag that I'm very interested in picking up. It would also accomodate a water bottle on the main handlebars perfectly.
The shop may be able to get a 5.0 step through. They are now showing stock in black. This might be the way to go and just find a spot for the water bottle case.
I have both, a 2022 Vado 5.0 and a 2022 Como 5.0. I also had (but no longer do) a 2022 Vado 5.0 Step thru. I never rode the step-thru so I cannot say how it compares to the regular Vado 5.0, but I CAN say that the Como is a totally different feeling of a bike while riding (as compared to a Vado).
The Como feels like you are behind a wheelbarrow when steering and riding whereas the Vado feels like a supercar.
IF the Vado step-thru has the same handling characteristic as the regular Vado 5.0 (diamond frame??), it's the one to get.
As soon as SRAM gets my defective fork sent to the LBS (for the Como), I'll lower the price, as I don't need or want it anymore. Probably around $4200 to $4500, a considerable saving.