16" rotor/rim


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Hello again, since I had a good response from my last post, I thought I'd try my luck again with another issue; actually two. Number one, I'm planning to substitute my spoked 26" rim with a 16" spoke less rim, actually it would entail to substitute the spoked rotor with a spoke less rotor on my Magic Pie. I already found where to buy the rotor slash rim and wanted to certain that it would compatible with my motor, so I went on and disassembled my motor and found another issue that I will return to later
I took some measurements and found that the motor might be able to accommodate the new rotor, but I can't be certain until the seller gives some measurements, he sent some pictures with a ruler next to them, but I need more precise numbers, until I hear from him I was hoping somebody might be familiar with the motor.
The other issue concerns the motor's armature which has some marks ( I posted a photo below ) from the continuous rotating motion of the stator. Would some sanding with some very fine emery cloth help the condition or at least minimize the scoring or more important would it hinder the operation? Thanks
from this:

to this:
16 inch rotor.jpg

and this:
G M 16 inch Rotor.jpg