JayVee, I know exactly what that part is for. The rack is Carrymore /I-rack made by XLC I believe. When bags made for the I-rack system are inserted into the two cross member with the holes in them, they have two slightly pointed pieces which go into the holes. There are notches in the points which engage in the silver piece in your pictures and they snap in place and hold the bag firmly. Then, when you wish to remove the bag, you have to push on the blue button which then disengages the silver piece from the notches on the pointed inserts and the bag is released. Its actually very quick and neat. The part that I have been trying get for weeks fits this mechanism and is so hard to get, outside of Europe anyway. If you look at the pictures in this article, especially the third one down you will see how it all works.


I would still like to get that darned Adapterplate, also mentioned in my thread.
The CarryMore system was made by Cannondale and no longer exists. I tried everything to find an adapter I could get shipped to the USA, but it was a no go. I don't think Cdale ever made or sold many of them.
Hmm.......I was not aware of that. I think I ran across a connection with Cannondale but like you I cannot find an adaptor than can be shipped to USA. I wonder why Haibike continues to use the system ?? I have found an XLC on German Ebay but shipping to USA is a no go as you say. I have handmade some parts from aluminum that look like the adaptor as I dislike the Velcro alternative but have not fitted them yet. It works neatly but the big spring is a bit of an obstacle. I have also found a "Hebie unisnap" adaptor that looks like it works well but its not easy to get either and its kind of pricey as its shipped from Europe.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to produce that neat drawing.
The fahrradmagasin article shows the Carrymore Adapterplatte I have been looking for attached to a metal basket and I guess there are many folks who go for that.
I admit that like you, that's not what I would want LOL. My wife might go for that :). That Adapterplatte Plate however can be attached to the underside of many bags, trunk bags, that suit the top of our racks conveniently to make a "quick on and off package" for stuff you want to take on rides. I have seen one called Northwind on German Ebay. I have also seen one used to attach a pair of pannier bags that had a mid section with a carry handle permanently attached between them.
Frankly anything that avoids fiddling with Velcro straps underneath, I find more appealing :)
Today I placed an order for an XLC I-rack adaptorplate I found on German Ebay that the supplier does actually ship to USA. Hopefully in a few days I will have it and bolt to a trunk bag and I will post it in the Haibike section.
Well I received my XLC adaptor plate today from Germany. Yes, it is neat and snaps into the rack very neatly and cleanly and removal is a simple push of the button. It was an effort finding it and getting it to US !! It cost me 25 bucks but its worth every penny :).
I will fit it to my bag and figure out how to post pictures on this thread.
I have to get a second one now as the missus wants one too LOL
This bag is a small trunk I bought on ebay, with a shoulder strap which clips on as a try out for d.i.y. It can easily carry stuff like camera, phone, sandwiches, small tools, bicycle pump etc.
The adapter plate is simply bolted on through the bottom of the bag. You can see the silver nuts. The four pointed parts simply go through the Haibike Carrymore rack cross members and get pushed forward until the front catch with the blue button engages in some notches. The bag is then held firmly in place while riding.
To remove, the blue button gets pushed and bag is free in seconds. Very convenient and no messing with Velcro straps.
Panniers and other sizes of bag could easily be attached to adapter plate too and thus be a convenient quick and easy attachment
I know this is old but I just got my haibike and found the carrymore rack, at first I thought it looked too weak for me to mount my desired luggage. but upon close inspection, there is a hidden steel support bar that goes from the rack to the bike frame. It's hidden under the rear fender. really cool stuff. I just ordered the same adapter plate from overseas and a pannier adapter for the adapter plate.
Wish i had seen this post earlier. Bought a XLC carrymore rack bag for wifes trekking 5, however rather hopeless as velcro fastenings seem impossible to get a good fit, and very fiddly to get any kind of grip. Now having seen posts above (and the blue button/i-rack info), have just found a Vaude bag with the i-rack fixing which looks ideal - hopefully will be a lot easier putting on / off :)
Hi JayVee - does the adapter attach to bag securely by screwing through the base of the bag ? Am thinking my go this route and return the vaude bag i ordered. Thanks
Hi Jayvee, I've just bought a haibike trekking SDuro 4.0 and am in the same quandary. can you provide link to the website where you bought the adaptor plate and bag? I cannot find one that ships to the USA. Many thanks. Jim
Boy that Northwind Smartbag looks perfect for me. Wasted 45 ins. trying to find a way to buy one for US. No luck. Doesn't make sense to me.
Hi Jayvee, I've just bought a haibike trekking SDuro 4.0 and am in the same quandary. can you provide link to the website where you bought the adaptor plate and bag? I cannot find one that ships to the USA. Many thanks. Jim
I bought from BikeINN, I can't wait to get it! they ship to US for a reasonable price. Sucks we can't get them here from a US vendor
Thanks for the BikeINN tip, will take a look. Also, the Vaude Plus size bag looks good. I think only the Plus version has the built-in panniers.