1. S

    Rize Secondary 52V battery charging and using for other ebikes

    I have secondary rize battery 52v, purchased separately, this is an addition not the main one, It was in storage for about 6month and it was never used. My plan was to use this rize battery for another ebike project that I am working on. However i discovered that rize use their own plugs, which...
  2. B

    Commuter w/ Hub Motor, Torque Sensor, and Throttle

    Hello. This is my first post. I'm looking to buy my first ebike to mainly replace car trips for local errands. I'm 55 yo male, 6'3", and 185 lb. My neighborhood is moderately hilly to flat. I live near a network of bike trails and could use that for many of my day-to-day tasks (e.g., shopping...
  3. Dex365

    2022 Rize RX Pro First Look - I love this bike!

    Hey there! I received my 2022 Rize RX Pro last week and I am in love! I noticed there are not really any youtube reviews for the current model so I created a little first look video, link below. Have you all loved your Rize bike as much as I have?
  4. P

    [Fair Hill, MD] 2020 Rize Leisure fat tire ebike, $1400

    Bike is available in Fair Hill, Maryland for test drive. Asking $1400. This is a low-mileage 2020 model, but price is reduced over 33% from the nearly identical 2022 product: https://rizebikes.com/products/leisure This is a class 2 (throttle equipped) ebike. Approximately 300 miles usage...
  5. T

    Rize RX legality

    I don't see many discussions on the legality of the RX with its 1000 watt motor. I'm not lying awake at night worried about this, I doubt the police care too much as long as you're respecting the rules of the road. However, I did inquire with the SAAQ (Quebecs transport authority) with the...
  6. S

    Stuck in Analysis Hell - Please Help!! (Dost, Rize, Priority)

    I am currently stuck in analysis hell! I have been staring at and researching ebikes for weeks now with no clear direction on where to go (yes, I have scoured the forums and read just about every thread on these bikes). I think I have nailed it down to three models but I really need help getting...
  7. F

    Rize X and Bolt X have joined our stable!

    Well...the wait is over, Santa (FedEx) delivered our Black Rize X and White Bolt X. Boxes and packaging were all good,no issues. Rize X build took a while, fenders and rack take some effort. Overall, it went smooth and found zero issues. Bolt X build was half the time and super easy. Again no...
  8. Serialnerd

    Rize vs Ride1up 700 vs Raleigh Misceo IE or Retroglide vs Surface604 Colt, Help Choosing

    Hello, New member and after reading the forms and much research I have narrowed my choices to the five ebikes listed below and kindly ask for some assistance from the more experienced members on their opinion on what to purchase. Each bike will fit my size and has features I'm looking for...